40 years ago, leaders in environmental education defined a field. Now – it is up to us to define its future.
Join a global Call for Action to align and elevate the work of environmental educators around the world.
A Call for Action
Watch videos about the Tbilisi event and view and interactive timeline of the progress environmental educators have made in the past forty years.
Read the Call for Action, including a series of Actions for the Future proposed by the Global Environmental Education Partnership.
Give feedback on the call for action and join the global community of environmental educators shaping an action plan for the future of our field.
Imagine a world...

Looking back on the rich history of the field of environmental education, we have accomplished an enormous amount since the intergovernmental conference in Tbilisi in 1977.

Looking forward, what world do we imagine? What world do we want?

To achieve a positive, sustainable future, we need to act now for environmental education, elevate our work as individuals and organizations, and increase our collective impact.

Environmental education is the education we need for the world we want. Join the conversation on Instagram with #actnowforee.
Imagine a World: A Global Call for Action
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